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An Alphabet of Animals

Did you know that the Letterlanders love going on safari? An alphabetical safari, of course! Read on to find out which animals they like to see.


Annie Apple says "Ah! I see an antelope, and his friend, the anteater!"

Bouncy Ben thinks all of the baboons and beavers are brilliant. He also loves the bright butterflies.

Clever Cat can't believe that she's seen camels and a cougar!


Dippy Duck has definitely seen a dog before, but declared that the dolphins and deer were dazzling.

We probably don't need to tell you which animal Eddy Elephant enjoyed seeing the most...

Firefighter Fred says "It was fantastic seeing the flamingos, fish and frogs - and the falcon looked very fierce!"


Golden Girl had a great time with the gazelles, gibbons and gorilla. She thought they were all gorgeous animals.

Harry Hat Man hated the hyena, but found that the hippos and humming bird made him happy!

Impy Ink says "All the insects and the iguana were very interesting!"


Jumping Jim just loved the jackal, jaguar and jellyfish.

Kicking King was very kind towards the kangaroos and koala's - maybe he should go on holiday to Australia!

Lucy Lamp Light loved the leopard, lion and llama.


Munching Mike made friends with the meerkat, monkey and moose. He said they are his new mates!

Noisy Nick said "I had never seen a narwahl, newt or numbat before. Now, I have seen all three!"

Oscar Orange liked the octopus and ostrich the best - but he spent a lot of time observing the otter, too!


Peter Puppy was spoilt for choice! There were pandas, parrots, pelicans, penguins, polar bears AND even a porcupine.

Quarrelsome Queen quite enjoyed meeting the quail and quokka!

Red Robot thought it was very random to meet a rabbit, raccoon, reindeer and rhino in the same place!


Sammy Snake said he really enjoyed meeting the seal, seagull and sloth, but suggested that the skunk was a bit stinky!

Talking Tess tried to talk to the toads, toucans and tortoises as much as possible, but made sure she didn't tease the tiger.

Uppy Umbrella's mood was unbelievably uplifted when she met

an umbrella bird!


Vicky Violet was very pleased to meet the vicuna and vole, but thought the vulture was a little villainous.

Walter Walrus said "Wow, I had a wonderful time meeting the wallaby, warthog, wolf and wombat".

Fix-it Max was excited to play with the fox, ibex and ox!


Yellow Yo-yo Man couldn't wait to see his old friend, the yak.

Zig Zag Zebra zipped around with the other zebras, but also had a super time with the zebu and zebra butterfly!


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