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An Alphabet of Ideas to Save the Planet

All the Letterlanders love the environment, so they do everything they can to keep the planet as happy and healthy as possible! Below we've let you know all the different Letterlanders' top ways to save the planet.


Annie Apple likes local apples from the apple orchard. She asks all her Letterland friends to do the same.

Bouncy Ben always brings his own bags, because he knows that plastic bags are really bad for the planet!

Clever Cat loves to compost her waste, then when it’s fully composted she puts it on her garden to make her carrots grow big and crunchy.


Dippy Duck always donates her old clothes to charity instead of throwing them away. This means her clothes don't end up in landfill.

Eddy Elephant uses energy efficient light bulbs to help save the environment.


Firefighter Fred always fights food waste. He doesn’t fill his fridge too full; he just figures out what he really needs for each week!


Golden Girl has green fingers and grows her own fruit and vegetables in her garden. She thinks it’s great fun and you should give it a go!

Harry Hat Man makes his own hats and loves handmade things. He says it helps the environment because locally handcrafted things require less fuel than things made in a factories far from his home.

Impy Ink invests in rechargeable batteries - he knows this will save him money in the long-run, and it is better for the planet. He has also insulated his home so he doesn’t waste energy.


Jumping Jim always turn junk into something fun, by doing some arts and crafts. If he can’t think of how to use it, he has a jumble sale! His junk could be someone else's treasure!

Kicking King likes to keep the lights off when he leaves his castle. This saves lots of energy!

Lucy Lamp Light hates littering, and always puts her litter in the trash.


Munching Mike is very mindful of what he throws in the trash. He always carries his own mug for hot drinks so he doesn’t have to use throw away cups.

Noisy Nick never throws away newspapers (or any other kind of paper), as he knows that paper can be recycled.

Oscar Orange has gone online! He does all his banking and bills online. He has learned a new word: obsolete! He says paper bills are obsolete!


Peter Puppy always picks public transport, because it is much better for the environment than everyone driving in their cars individually.

Quarrelsome Queen always has quick showers, because she is very concerned about reducing her water waste.


Red Robot tells everyone that they need to 'Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!', as this is one of the best ways to reduce waste and help save the planet.


Sammy Snake has started slithering or skateboarding wherever he goes, as he knows that cars damage the environment. He suggests that everyone with legs walks or cycles instead!


Talking Tess turns off the water when she's brushing her teeth. She feels terrific about all the water she is saving!

Uppy Umbrella unplugs electronics devices when she goes to bed as it saves energy. Make sure you ask your parents first before unplugging anything.


Vicky Violet likes to have a vegetarian day or a vegan day each week. On that day she doesn't eat any meat or dairy (like milk or cheese). She is careful she always gets the right vitamins and says it’s a very good way to help the environment.

Walter Walrus loves to play in water, so he doesn't like to waste any! He also says tap water is wonderful - he doesn’t want anyone to buy lots of throw away plastic bottles.


Fix-it Max fixes things that are broken. Instead of buying new things and throwing old ones away, see if you can fix it first, just like Max!

Yellow Yo-yo Man always says 'yes!' to second hand clothes (only if they're yellow, of course). This saves him money and it helps the environment because the clothes don't end up being thrown away.

Zig Zag Zebra encourages you to do all these things, as then you will have zero waste!


We hope you enjoyed learning about all the Letterlanders' best ways to save the planet. If you'd like to join in, we've created some printable posters (that you can decorate however you want!) to help remind everyone in your house to do their bit for the environment.

We'd love to see these activities in use, so use #Letterland on social media to show off your artistic abilities!


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