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The Letterland Joke Book

When we heard that it was National Tell a Joke Day, we IMMEDIATELY knew that this was the perfect opportunity to show off all the jokes that the Letterlanders have been telling us for years.

Read on to have a giggle!


Why did Annie Apple stop in the middle of the road?

She ran out of juice!

How do you get a letter to Bouncy Ben?

Hare mail.

How does Clever Cat decide what she wants from the store?

She flips through the cat-alog.


What time does Dippy Duck wake up?

The quack of dawn.

What do you call Eddy Elephant when he hasn't showered?

A smellyphant.

Why does Firefighter Fred wear yellow trousers?

He can't walk around in just his underwear!


What does Golden Girl say when she has a garden party?

Lettuce turnip the beet.

Harry Hat Man has lots of jokes about hats.

But they'll probably just go over your head.

What does Impy Ink say when someone is being rude to him?

"Don't use that tone with me! You are very ink-onsiderate!"


Can Jumping Jim jump higher than a house?

Yes, houses can't jump at all.

Why did Kicking King have to go to the doctor?

An aKING back!

Why did Lucy Lamp Light do so well at school?

She's full of bright ideas.


What kind of car does Munching Mike drive?

A monster truck.

Why is tennis Noisy Nick's favourite sport?

Because he can make a racket.

Why does Oscar Orange wear suncream when it's hot?

Because otherwise he peels.


What does Peter Puppy eat for breakfast?

Pooched eggs.

When is a piece of wood like Quarrelsome Queen?

When it's a ruler!

Why did Red Robot fall off his bike?

He hadn't ridden in a long time and was a little rusty.


What subject did Sammy Snake enjoy the most at school?


Talking Tess doesn't joke about telephones.

She says it is completely uncalled for.

When would a detective need Uppy Umbrella's help?

When he's undercover!


What did Vicky Violet say to her smallest flower?

Hey, bud!

Why are all the other Letterlanders careful around Walter Walrus?

Because he's untuskworthy.

How did Fix-it Max finally figure out how to fix his computer mouse?

It just clicked.


How is Yellow Yo-yo Man's business doing?

It has its ups and downs.

Which side of Zig Zag Zebra has the most stripes?

The outside.


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Got a joke of your own? Let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!


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