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Spotlight on... Yellow Yo-yo Man

As we approach National Yo-yo Day (an extremely important holiday, obviously), we have been taking a look back on the history of our very own Yellow Yo-yo Man. Read on to find out more about one of our most loved Letterlanders.


Yellow Yo-yo Man has been selling yo-yos in Letterland for years now, and lots of children know how to yank their yo-yo strings correctly because of him! Yo-yo Man has always been a very important member of the Letterland family, and he's made a few style adjustments over the years. Check out the original artwork that Lyn Wendon created in 1968, a print version from 1999, and our youthful, Yellow Yo-yo Man as he is today.

As you can see, back in 1968, Yellow Yo-yo Man didn't always carry his collection of yo-yos around with him in Letterland, but he did always have some handy tools with him (some people even used to call him the Handy Man)! Since then, the yo-yos have become so popular with the Letterland children that he always makes sure to bring them with him wherever he goes! He's also got some new yellow trainers, so that his feet don't hurt while he's walking around Letterland selling yo-yos.


Curved or Straight Y?

Yellow Yo-yo Man started out with straight legs but sometimes you’ll see him with his legs bent. You can use both versions depending on your preference and his handwriting verse will work for both!

“You first make the yo-yo sack on the Yo-yo Man’s back, and then go down to his toes so he can sell his yo-yos.”


Evolution of Yellow Yo-yo Man Stories

Yellow Yo-yo Man is a very sociable Letterlander. This means he is part of various spelling stories with his Letterland friends. Read on to find out how his stories have changed since 1968!


A boy called Roy - oy

Before Yellow Yo-yo Man carried all his yo-yos around with him, a boy called Roy used to sit on his back, and hold the o as Yellow Yo-yo Man walked around Letterland, as you can see in the artwork from 1968. Now Roy is a bit older, he likes to leap-frog over the o and jump into Yo-yo Man's sack, shouting 'oy!' as he leaps. The Yo-yo Man pretends to be annoyed so he shouts out 'oy!' every time Roy lands on him unexpectedly.


Mr A and Yellow Yo-yo Man - ay

Mr A’s usual walking partner is Mr I but because Mr I feels dizzy at the end of most words, Yellow Yo-yo Man has agreed he will take over for him. Yellow Yo-yo Man is very happy to help out as it means he gets to go on holiday with Mr A. Mr I has felt dizzy at the end of words for over 50 years now, so Yellow Yo-yo Man has spent many years going out walking with Mr A, and making the sound 'ay'.


Gentle Ginger and Yellow Yo-yo Man - gy

Golden Girl has a school friend called Gentle Ginger. Golden Girl is very impressed with Gentle Ginger's gymnastic skills and she wants everyone to notice. When Mr E is busy he gives some Blue Magic to Yellow Yo-yo Man. This lights Gentle Ginger up with sparkling blue light as she does her somersaults, and says 'gy' for gymnast. Before Gentle Ginger lived in Letterland, there was the Good Girl who ate lots of ginger biscuits - you'll see her in the artwork from 1968, spending time with Yellow Yo-yo Man and munching away at her biscuits!


We hope you enjoyed this look back on the history of Yellow Yo-yo Man! If you'd like to know more, why not check out our post on the evolution of Harry Hat Man, or How Letterland Began.

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