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Spotlight on... Harry Hat Man

Since 1968, when the wonderful Lyn Wendon created Letterland, a lot has changed with all our lovely Letterlanders. We've been digging through our archives to see exactly how everyone has evolved over the past fifty years.


This week we've been delving into the history of the much loved Harry Hat Man. Harry has always been an important part of Letterland, but he has made a few adjustments over the years! Read on to check out the original images that Lyn created in 1968, a print version from 1999, and our happy, hopping Hat Man as he is today.

As you can see in the middle image, Harry Hat Man used to have a big bushy beard - this is why his nickname used to be Hairy Hat Man. One summer day the Hat Man decided his beard was too hot so he shaved it off – but he still always wears his hairy hat! Now, he normally gets called his real name, Harry Hat Man, but he’ll be happy no matter which name you choose to call him.


Evolution of Harry Stories

Harry Hat Man is a vital part of lots of Letterland stories. Check out how his stories have changed since 1968.


Clever Cat and Harry Hat Man - ch

When Clever Cat sits next to Harry Hat Man, his hairy hat tickles her nose and she almost always sneezes. Clever Cat has always had a tickly nose when she's around Harry, so you will see her sneezing in all the Letterland stories - even in the original drawings from 1968!


Sammy Snake and Harry Hat Man - sh

Whenever Sammy Snake starts to hiss loudly behind Harry Hat Man’s back, Harry turns back and says ‘sh!’ because he hates noise. Harry has ALWAYS hated Sammy's hissing, so you will see him saying 'sh!' in all the Letterland stories throughout the years.


Talking Tess and Harry Hat Man - th

When two thunder clouds bump overhead you will find both Talking Tess and Harry Hat Man frowning as they stick out their tongues and whisper, ‘Thunder, thunder, thunder!’. This was not, however, always the case! In the first image you will see the Thin Man, who lived in Letterland before Talking Tess. The Thin Man was so thin he had to hold on to Harry Hat Man so he wouldn't blow away in the wind.


We hope you enjoyed our blast from the past! If you'd like to know more, why not check out How Letterland Began.


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