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Introducing... ABC Trilogy New Edition

There's a reason that we've sold millions of copies of our ABC Trilogy! These much-loved books are the perfect introduction to the Letterland characters with their beautifully illustrated scenes and entertaining stories.

We are super excited that this year we've managed to make the trilogy even better than it was before! Read on to find out more about the new editions.

Be sure to check out the new editions of ABC, Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC on our shop!


'Read to me!' audio

All books in the ABC Trilogy now include FREE ‘Read to me’ audio. Simply scan the QR code inside each book with a mobile or tablet to begin streaming. Listen to the stories as new sounds and spellings are introduced, and learn key vocabulary words. Discover objects that contain the target sound within each scene as you listen along. Scan the QR code to listen to a sample, or find out more here.


10 brand new scenes & songs

Possibly the most exciting aspect of these new editions is the brand new scenes and accompanying songs that we've been able to add in! We can't wait to hear everyone's reaction to these vibrant new pieces of artwork.

The new scenes included are:

  • ce, ci, cy - Clever Cat as a hissing snake

  • ge, gi, gy - Gentle Ginger the Gymnast

  • kn - Kicking King and Noisy Nick

  • ch /c/ - Clever Cat and Harry Hat Man in the wind

  • e /ā/ - Mr Mean-E

  • tion - Mr 'Tion

  • ture - Talking Tess, Urgent Ur and Magic e

  • -ful - Giant Full resting on words

  • -le - Candle Magic

  • -ing - Magic Ending ing


Compatible with Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) resources

The ABC Trilogy new edition is compatible with our whole range of Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) resources.

To find out more about these products, check out our blog posts on Levels 1 and 2, and Level 3.


Buy your copies of the new editions of ABC, Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC on our shop!

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