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Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) – Software

The new Fix-it Phonics Level 1 and 2 (Second Edition) software now features 'read-along' Phonic Readers, Quick Dash exercises, Word Builder for Level 2, and an updated menu page. Join the Letterlanders and learn English with this interactive software that brings the Fix-it Phonics programme to life! Consolidate learning with a variety of games to play!


New features on the Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) software:

  • 'Read-along' Red and Blue Phonics Readers. Engaging, decodable stories to enjoy on screen or display on a whiteboard.

  • Updated menu that is easier to navigate and reflects the units in the Fix-it Phonics Teacher Guides.

  • Quick Dash: a quick and easy strategy to use for revision and consolidation either at the beginning of a lesson or in small groups with children that may need more practice.

  • Word Builder: an online tool to be used for blending and segmenting words (only for Level 2).


If you'd like to know more about Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition), check out our comparison post against the first edition, or our post on the scan to listen along feature.

Alternatively, head over to our shop to grab your new teaching materials!

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