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Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) – Scan to Listen Along

A new feature of Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) is the ability to listen to the Student Book and Workbook audio from your mobile or tablet as well as using the Audio CDs included in your Teacher’s Pack. Just scan the QR code on the inside of any book in the Student Pack and listen away! This is a useful tool that we know parents, teachers and little learners will enjoy.


To provide some insight into how this features works, we've created two short videos demonstrating how to use the QR code with both a Student Book and Workbook.

Watch us scan the QR code to hear Clever Cat introduce herself.

And use the audio feature to help complete the exercise!


If you'd like to know more about Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition), check out our comparison post against the first edition, or our post on the new software.

Alternatively, head over to our shop to grab your new teaching materials!


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