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Classroom of the Month - Mrs Z's ESL Letterland Class

Letterland's Classroom of the Month Award is back for August and we're super excited about it! We were absolutely delighted by the response we got to the posts about last month's winners, and we've got another lovely classroom to show off to everyone this month.

So, drum roll please - our winner is... Mrs Olesya Zenchenko from Yakutia, Russia! Congratulations Mrs Z!

Mrs Z uses our Fix-it Phonics resources to teach children aged 5-10 how to speak English as a Second Language. We've been loving her Instagram for a while, so make sure you check it out.


"Letterland radically changed my approach to learning English. For me, the main question was how to keep the interest of children from one lesson to another and not to turn it into a routine. The stories of the heroes of Letterland attracted not only my students, but me. Children look forward to meeting new characters and their stories - they already have their favorite Letterlander! And of course, the whole process of learning to read has turned into a fascinating adventure for them."

- Olesya Zenchenko


Mrs Z caught our attention due to her imaginative approach to teaching Letterland. All her students receive fun-filled lessons where they fall in love with each Letterlander as they work through the alphabet. Children have the opportunity to learn, play and craft - and we particularly love Mrs Z's Clever Cat hand puppet!

"In the classroom we sing, read, write, make up words and sentences, show the movements of Letterlanders, and communicate with great interest and pleasure. In my opinion, this is a real find for teachers who are looking for innovative and creative approaches to teaching English"


One of the best things about our Classroom of the Month Awards is that it gives us the chance to share teachers' best Letterland ideas, and inspire others. Mrs Z has kindly provided us with some of her top classroom activities:

  • Clever Cat's Birthday Party (with cakes and cups of tea)

  • Harry Hat Man's Hat Parade

  • Easter Celebrations with Eddy Elephant

  • Christmas Carnival in Quarrelsome Queen's castle

  • Annual Letterland Prom

She also came up with some great competitions!

  • 'My Creative Magic E' competition, where students must make Magic E in the most creative way possible

  • 'My Summer with Letterland' competition, where students send in photos of them spelling 'Letterland' in different ways during their holidays

A huge thank you to Mrs Z for being such a wonderful supporter of Letterland, and teaching our programme so passionately!


Think that you could be Letterland's next Classroom of the Month? Pop us an email at letting us know why, or get in touch via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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