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Classroom of the Month - Mrs D and Mrs J's Prep Class

To celebrate the super-smart and creative Letterland teachers all around the world, the Letterland HQ team (along with the help of Clever Cat, obviously - she loves classrooms!) have decided to start our Classroom of the Month Awards.

This month, we're delighted to give this award to the brilliant Rhiannon Dicken and Tanya Jolley, who are the Prep teachers at Park Ridge State School in Queensland, Australia. Well done, Mrs D and Mrs J!

We met these lovely ladies through Instagram, so make sure to check them out - @a_peek_into_prep.


'We are so lucky that our school use Letterland for their phonics program. It’s engaging, fun and there is so much you can do with it. The students love meeting a new character each week.'

- Rhiannon Dicken and Tanya Jolley


We LOVE the way that Mrs D and Mrs J use each letter as the foundation of their week, then expand their Letterland teaching by basing crafts, cooking or other fun activities on the letter.

We are proud to make a programme that is not only educational, but FUN -and it's exciting to see teachers using our resources in such an engaging way.


'We have introduced transforming our classroom into the Clever Cat Cafe, Peter Puppy Pj Party and an end of year Letterland Parade where the students dress as their favourite character'


Along with crafts and cooking food that start with each letter, Mrs D and Mrs J were kind enough to share some more of their Letterland ideas with us, so that other teachers can follow suit!

  • Clever Cat Cafe

  • Peter Puppy Pj Party

  • Letterland Parade

  • Impy Ink Insect Hunt (in the playground)

  • Golden Girl's Glamour Afternoon for Mums

  • Eddy Elephant Exercise Break (brain break)

  • Making Milkshakes for Munching Mike

  • Talking Tess' Teddy Bear Picnic

A massive thanks to Mrs D and Mrs J for doing such an amazing job at teaching Letterland!


Think that you could be Letterland's next Classroom of the Month? Pop us an email at letting us know why, or get in touch on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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