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What's New in Phonics Online? - June 2022

Our Phonics Online web-based software is the perfect addition to any classroom with access to lots of animations, stories, games and teacher resources, but we are always working to make it better and easier to use.

For this update we’ve made some changes to the way the Phonics Readers are sorted to make things a little easier to locate, we’ve added a few new Theme Songs to liven up your lessons and we've made the Teacher's Guide Resources in the teacher toolkit even easier to navigate.

Phonics Readers Updates

Having digital access to our decodable Phonics Readers is one of the most popular features of Phonics Online. Teachers can access the decodable stories to read in the classroom and students can access them to practice reading independently.

We wanted to make it even easier to access the decodable stories listed in each book, so we've updated the Phonics Readers landing page. Instead of seeing each book, you’ll now see all the stories that make up the books saving you time in finding the right decodable story for the spelling pattern you are focused on.

Each thumbnail shows the title of the story, the spelling pattern focus and the name of book that the story belongs to. So, all you have to do is pick the story you want and off you go!

If you already have an account you can check out the new Phonics Readers section here!


Meet the Letterlanders Updates

There’s nothing better to start (or end) a Letterland lesson than a song. We have a few Letterland themes to get your class in the mood for phonics, or to say goodbye to Letterland for another day.

Now we’ve made them easier to access – you can find four Letterland themes in the Meet the Letterlanders section of Phonics Online to help save some time and effort locating them when you need them!

Take a look at what’s available in the video below or if you have a Phonics Online account you can listen to the new songs right away here.


Search for Teacher’s Guide Resources

There’s one more update we’re super excited to share with all you teachers out there. You can now search the teacher toolkit for specific documents! Using the search bar simply type a keyword, unit, or title you are looking for, and it’ll find the resources you need without any extra clicks. Talk about a time saver!

Try it out right away here.


We’re keen to make Phonics Online an easier place to navigate for everyone, if you have any comments or suggestions, please get in touch at If you need help with Phonics Online, check out our support manual. You might find your question has already been answered!


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