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Using Grade Level Filters in Phonics Online

Our web-based software, Phonics Online, is a fantastic resource for Letterland learning, whether you're in the classroom, teaching remotely, or a mix of both.

Once students have an account, they will have access to the Letterland animations, songs and readers at home. Teachers have their own accounts where they can manage their students remotely,

You can assign grade levels to each student which will filter content in the Meet the Letterlanders and Phonics Readers sections. Read on to find out more.


Once you've got all your teachers, students and classes set up, you can assign grade levels to each student. This affects what content they can access from their student accounts.

It's as simple as selecting a student, and then assigning the appropriate grade level. You can even choose more than one if you want students to be able to progress further.

Your students don't all need to be assigned the same grade levels either! It's completely unique to the student, so you can make the best decision for each child.



Meet the Letterlanders will only show spelling patterns and animations that are relevant to the child's grade level. For example a Pre-K student would see the First Skills set of animated songs, but for Kindergarten and upwards, these would not be visible.

The spelling patterns available reflect the scope and sequence of the Letterland Teacher's Guides.

You can find out more about what content is included in Meet the Letterlanders for each grade level on our support site.



Phonics Readers are also sorted by grade level, so you can be sure any reader your students can access is appropriate, and shouldn't be too hard - or easy - for them.

We also have a handy guide to what spelling patterns are covered in each reader here.

All it takes is a few clicks and your Phonics Online experience is tailored exactly to your students' needs!


Looking for more helpful hints on how to use Phonics Online? All our relevant blog posts are available by hitting the button below!


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