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The Virtual Letterland Play!

We were SUPER excited when our friends at St. Patrick’s College, in Buenos Aires, Argentina let us know that (as per usual) they would be putting on a fantastic Letterland play at the end of 2020.

"How?!", we asked. Schools in Buenos Aires haven't been able to open for face-to-face teaching since March, but these creative teachers had found a solution - the first virtual Letterland play! We jumped on a call to hear all about it and how we could help...


The Plan

We spoke to Leandro Solari, St.Patrick's College's English Coordinator, who told us he'd written a whole script for 'The Letterland Morning Show'.

Each child would given a Letterlander to dress up as, and their own 'segment' of the Letterland Morning Show to present or participate in, with a few lines to say each.

Parents or carers were asked to help the students learn their lines, then film their segment of the show. All of the videos were sent in to the the school, where they were edited into a full, 20 minute, Letterland Morning Show!


The Segments

We love the idea of having different segments - it makes it super easy to have any 'roles' for every student, and to have easy transitions between each video.

Here are a few of the segments that St Patrick's College included for their Morning Show:

  • Introduction

  • Weather, with Walter Walrus, Uppy Ummbrella and Mr U

  • Cooking with Clever Cat, including breakfast with Bouncy Ben

  • Exercise with Eddy Elephant, Jumping Jim & Red Robot

  • Traffic with Talking Tess

  • Fashion with Golden Girl, Harry Hat Man and Impy Ink

  • Commercial breaks with a variety of Letterlanders! E.g. Zig Zag Zebra selling tickets to the Zoo and Yellow Yo-yo Man selling yo-yos.

  • Music & Dance sections to the Letterland songs

  • Live football match coverage with Kicking King, Quarrelsome Queen and Peter Puppy.

  • 'Don't Feel Blue' with Walter Walrus and Bouncy Ben, where they discussed staying positive even though you miss your friends!


A Sneak Peek

St Patrick's College have been kind enough to allow us to share a small clip of their brilliant show, so as to help other teachers who may want to embark on similar projects. Check it out!


How We Can Help

If you fancy doing your own Letterland Morning Show, or another virtual show, we'd like to help as much as possible. Whether that be providing some title cards or other pieces of artwork to add into your video, please get in touch with us via email at and we can see what we can do!


A HUGE thank you to Leandro Solari and the rest of the amazing team at St Patrick's College. The show was absolutely amazing and we are so pleased to have been able to be involved. Your students are very lucky to have such creative, hard-working and enthusiastic teachers! We know lots of other teachers in the #LetterlandFamily will be inspired by your ideas too.


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