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Letterland Grammar

Letterland Grammar is perfect for introducing grammatical concepts in Key Stage 1. This exciting range of teaching resources will help you bring grammar concepts to life so children can understand them, remember them and know how to use them in their own writing. Letterland has created another interesting world to explore, where words become buildings and sentences become streets!

We understand that sometimes the best way to learn about a new range is to test it out, so here's a sample lesson plan for you to try before you buy!

Please note that this range is designed to be used in UK schools.


'I hope this programme will allow you to see grammatical concepts in a new way. In the true spirit of Letterland, I want you to be able to explore a grammar land, with tangible ideas that you and your students can relate to. Enjoy bringing grammar to life.’

- Lisa Holt, Author of Letterland Grammar


'Grammatical terminology is best explained through real examples, which is where Letterland excels.'

- Teach Primary Magazine


What's Included?

Buying the Letterland Grammar Pack includes these resources:


Additional resources available:

  • Grammar Activity Book 1, Sentence Punctuation, introduces sentences and explains how punctuation helps a reader to understand meaning.

  • Grammar Activity Book 2, Writing Sentences, helps children to recognise expanded noun phrases, statements, questions, exclamations and commands.

  • Grammar Activity Book 3, Prefixes and Suffixes, shows children how to use different types of suffixes and compound nouns.

  • Grammar Activity Book 4, Past and Present Tenses, shows children how to use the present and past tense of verbs appropriately in their writing.


The Letterland Grammar Approach

The emphasis of Letterland Grammar is on the ways in which children’s writing can be improved by using simple grammatical concepts. It is not about learning ‘rules’ of grammar, but about discovering ways that children can make their own writing more interesting and exciting to read.

This range is a journey of exploration. Giving a child an analogy they can relate to has always been the key to Letterland’s success. You may already be familiar with the Letterland characters that help children to learn their letter shapes and sounds. In Letterland Grammar, a new analogy is introduced.

Most children have travelled in cars or buses, travelled down different types of streets and seen lots of different types of buildings. They will have noticed road signs and may know that these tell the driver something about the road.

Now, if we relate this analogy to reading, we describe stories as towns. Within those towns there are streets which we call sentences. The words we see are the buildings, and just as buildings are modified, extended or developed, so words change with the addition of prefixes, suffixes and tenses. Punctuation is represented by road signs.

In Letterland Grammar, as a child is reading, they are encouraged to think of their finger as a car travelling along a street looking out for ‘reading’ signs along the way. In Letterland Grammar, boys and girls become thoroughly engaged in zooming down sentence ‘streets’.

As a result, reading and learning about grammar becomes fun and very child-friendly!


To find out more about Letterland Grammar, head over to our website, or buy your Grammar resources now at the Letterland shop.


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