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Introducing... Letterland Grade Three

Introducing our new Letterland Grade Three Pack! We're excited to launch a new range that will help you teach Word Structure, Spelling, and expand your students' vocabulary. Using the Grade Three range, you’ll be building on previous learning in phonics, fostering a greater interest in words and taking your students to the next level of reading to learn across the curriculum.

We understand that sometimes the best way to learn about a new range is to test it out, so here's a sample lesson plan for you to try before you buy!

Please note that this range is designed to be used in US schools, or schools following an American curriculum.


'I think you will find that this program continues in the spirit of Letterland being very child and teacher-friendly. The activities are always social, highly interactive, and engaging. I hope you and your third graders will continue to enjoy learning with Letterland.'

- Lyn Wendon, Originator of Letterland


What's Included?


Key Features

5-Day unit plan

Step-by-Step 20-30 minute sessions for whole-class work with optional extension activities.

Multi-sensory learning

Every class is different. So, for every Unit, we provide optional Day 4 exercises that can be selected from an extensive range of downloadable resources. The multi-sensory exercises encourage students to move around the room and bring their learning to life!

Spiraling curriculum

Essential previous Grades phonic and word recognition concepts are reinforced from the start. Reminders of the Letterland characters and stories are provided, but the Grade Three teaching does not rely on previous knowledge of Letterland.

Cross curricular links

The weekly Unit passages provide vital reading practice and allow children to see and use their word study and spelling skills in a wide range of subjects across the curriculum.

Differentiated instruction

Our handy pull-out blueprints form the framework of your daily lessons and allow you to match your student's needs.


To find out more about Letterland Grade Three, head over to our website, or grab your Grade Three Pack now at the Letterland shop!

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