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Phonics Resources (Second Edition) - What's New?

Our Phonics Resources just got a MAJOR makeover.

In line with the new guidance from the Department of Education on Synthetic Systematic Phonics (SSP) we've reworked some of our core Phonics resources and have been validated as an approved program as a result.

But what are the changes we made? And how do they make learning and teaching phonics more effective? Read on to find out....


Phonics Teacher’s Guide (2nd Edition)

Of course the Phonics Teacher’s Guide got an overhaul. This manual is now loaded with more pages, cleaner artwork and the inclusion of some exciting new features.

One of the key differences is a new teaching order, now aligned with the recommended ‘satpin’ order suggested by the Department of Education. The new order means the guide will align with many other decodable readers already available, so schools can continue to use existing reading systems or products alongside Letterland teaching resources without issue.

This chart shows the new teaching order along with the decodable words, sentences and stories taught in each lesson (It’s also available in the back of the Teacher’s Guide.)

There are plenty of other things to love about this new edition Teacher's Guide,

some of our favourite features include;

  • Easy to follow daily routines throughout the guide, with suggested alternative materials so lessons don’t always have to be taught the same way.

  • Introducing blending and segmenting after just three letters have been introduced.

  • Daily review of previously learned phonics knowledge, either using our Picture Code Cards or our online software Phonics Online.

  • Aligned Phonics Readers available both physically and digitally. Access the correlation between the 57 stories available in our readers, and the teaching order here.

  • Decodable sentences and stories to go with each new sound and spelling learned, ensuring practical application and encouraging practice. (Available as a print out for take home work if needed)

  • Continuous progress checks as well as in-depth assessments, ensuring teaching can be adjusted to meet students’ needs.


Additional Product Changes

Phonics Copymasters have been created to

replace the Blends and Digraphs Copymasters and are aligned with the new Teacher’s Guide and teaching order.

60 photocopiable worksheets with careful use of decodable words throughout, helping children consolidate and extend their learning.

Phonics Practice Books* have also had an update and the new version will be available in early 2022. The bright and engaging set of six workbooks cover all the sounds and spelling patterns in the guide and have been reworked to reflect the new teaching order.

Each workbook contains carefully structured, decodable activities and guidance on blending and segmenting sounds.

*formerly known as Phonics Workbooks


Where to Find Them

You can find all our essential classroom phonics resources in our Letterland Phonics Pack, which will include the new Teacher’s guide and Copymasters as well as a selection of our existing resources, available on our online shop.

The pack components are also available individually, along with our recommended additional products, here.

You can even download a sample lesson, to get a feel for the lessons and resources and try before you buy!

Find out more about our curriculum on our website, and if you need any additional advice or just want to ask a question or two drop us a message. We’re here to help!


We’re proud of the hard work that has gone into these products, not only making them align with the updated guidance but also making additional improvements for teachers and students. We hope you’ll feel the same!

Please get in touch with us at to let us know how you are finding the new resources. We'd love to hear from you!


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