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Phonics Online works with Fix-it Phonics (2nd Edition)

Our web-based software, Phonics Online, is a fantastic resource for Letterland learning, whether you're in the classroom, teaching remotely, or a mix of both.

Once students have an account, they will have access to all the Letterland animations, songs and readers at home. Teachers have their own accounts where they can manage their students remotely,

There is so much available in Phonics Online for our Fix-it Phonics customers, and we want to make sure you know all about it! Read on to find out more.


Meet the Letterlanders and the Phonics Readers can both be filtered so your

students can only access what's right for them.



The Letterlanders are grouped by level and listed in the Fix-it Phonics teaching order, so you should be able to find exactly what you need quickly and easily.

If you still can't find the exact one you want, you can search for specific pictograms using the search bar.



Both Red Series and Blue Series readers are accessible for teachers and students in Phonics Online. The readers are aligned to Level 1 and Level 2 of the Fix-it Phonics Programme.

Your class can read through their own version of the readers on their own accounts, or they can use the accompanying audio to help them out. It's a great way to give access to the entire class at once!



The Teacher Toolkit is full of supporting resources for teachers, specifically designed for the Fix-it Phonics program. You can be sure anything you access in Phonics Online is appropriate for your curriculum.

One thing we know everyone wanted was the Letterland theme tune, and so we made it available! You can watch an animated video of the ESL-specific version of our Letterland theme tune via the Teacher Toolkit. It's the absolute best way to kick off any Letterland lesson!

It doesn't end there! Our Fix-it Phonics audio packs are all now available as downloads in the 'Student Resources' section of Phonics Online. Every child with an account can access the accompanying audio at home, making setting homework that much easier.

There are plenty of other downloadable activities to be found there as well. Colouring sheets, recipes, and all sorts of cross-curricular activities to help students consolidate their learning at home.

Fix-it Phonics and Phonics Online truly are the perfect match!


In order to access these features for Fix-it Phonics, you need to select British ESL as your curriculum when you set up your account. You can find out more information on how to do this here.

If you are moving to Phonics Online from the Fix-it Phonics Software, you can find the differences between the two here.


Looking for more helpful hints on how to use Phonics Online? Check out the rest of our blog posts using the button below!


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