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Phonics Online - What's New for November 2021?

We’re back to tell you about some fantastic new updates to Phonics Online. Read on to find out more, and watch the videos so see some of the new features for yourself!


Meet the Letterlanders - New Icons

We've made the Meet the Letterlanders interface much easier to use by introducing some new icons. You’ll see that some of the icons have been updated and we've introduced a new 2-teir menu.

The Story icon now pops up to reveal two story options for the A-Z Sounds and Shapes animations, making it even easier for you and your students to switch between the stories. The icon with 1 star plays a story with simple language and the icon with 2 stars uses language rich in vocabulary.

The Explore icon has been added for the A-Z Sounds and Shapes animations, so you can more easily find the interactive scenes and develop phonemic awareness. It's in the same position as the Explore icon for the Digraphs and Trigraphs animations, so whether you are exploring c for Clever Cat or ch for Clever Cat and Harry Hat Man, the Explore icon is always in the same place.

The shiny new Songs icon now pops up to reveal a handy two-tier menu so you are not overwhelmed with choices when you don't need to be! This is particularly useful for the A-Z Sounds and Shapes animations.


Cards Tool - Bigger Cards

We’ve completely redesigned the Quick Dash and Word Builder screens so you can use them on the very largest screens or the very smallest. This is a big update, especially for those of you who are using whiteboards.

The screens are now responsive which means that whatever size screen you are using, the content will fill your screen. We’ve also updated the artwork so the Letterland pictogram images will appear crisp and clear at whatever size you choose to view them (you'll need a high definition screen to notice the difference).

Other Updates

We've also made a number of smaller changes that will improve your overall Phonics Online experience:

  • The Student Portal now has even more pages that are responsive so that they work much better on smaller devices like mobiles and tablets.

  • Get back to the homepage quicker by clicking on the Letterland logo anywhere on the site.

  • All videos now have an overlay play/pause button so you can start or stop a video quickly.

  • We've fixed an issue with the log out button that was preventing logging out successfully on certain devices.

We’re really excited about these improvements and we hope you will enjoy using them!


Want to find out more about Letterland Phonics Online? Check out our other blog posts, or our website for more information!


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