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Peter Puppy’s Paint Pots

by Kim Tynan (a teacher who has taught Letterland in Springfield, Mass, USA for more than 20 years!)

Peter Puppy had some paint pots.

He had red and yellow and blue.

“I’d really like more colors,”

he said, “but what can I do?”

He remembered something clever

that he had seen before.

He got some thick white paper

and put it on the floor.

He plopped a paw in the blue pot

and pressed it on the white,

Then plopped his paw in the red pot.

What an amazing sight!

When he mixed the blue and red.

What color had he made?

Think of plums and grape jelly.

Can you guess the shade?

The pup first had three colors,

but, two, three, four!

“What if I mix up yellow and blue?

Maybe I’ll get some more!”

Think what color Peter got

when he played this mixing game.

It‘s the color of leaves and grass.

Do you know its name?

Now Peter had five colors,

but he really wanted six.

He plopped his paws in red and yellow

and gave them a very good mix.

What color do you think he made?

I’ll give you a little clue.

It’s the name of a tasty round fruit.

Here’s one of them for you!


Thank you for this lovely poem, Kim!


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