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Noisy Nick's Percussion

As you know, Noisy Nick loves making noise, but he knows that not everyone has their own set of drums. He thought it would be nice to help everyone be noisy, so here are his nine top tips on how to be as NOISY AS POSSIBLE using objects around your home.


1. Make a band!

It’s great fun to create a band with your friends or siblings. Nick say’s nine people can make a huge amount of noise, but two or three are also nice numbers for a band. Next, think of a name for your band!


2. Syllable clapping

Adults, listen up... Making loads of noise isn't a nuisance! As your child uses percussion instruments, encourage them to tap out the syllables in different words. This is a key emergent literacy skill.

Children can't begin to understand how English may be written down, unless they can understand that it is made up of multiple parts. As a first step, we listen out for syllables within a word before moving on to individual phonemes.

Some children may be able to do this well while others may not fully understand what they are listening for. Model the concept clearly with a word they all know, such as 'Hello' (2 syllables).


3. Tap your toes!

Try putting on different pairs of shoes and seeing what sounds they make when you tap your feet on the ground. Which pair are the loudest? Can you make a tune simply using your feet?


4. Plastic bottle maracas

Find empty plastic bottles and tap them against a hard surface. Do they sound different when the lid is on vs when the lid is off?

Now try filling the bottles with different things. Nick says there are a few great items you might find in your pantry. Try filling the bottles with rice or grains to make your very own maracas. Do they make different sounds if you put more or less rice in the bottle?


5. Kitchen drum set

This was Nick's top choice for making noise before he got his drum set. Get out pots and pans and see what different noises they make when you tap on them. Try turning two saucepans upside down and using chopsticks or wooden spoons to create your own drum set!

Line up different types of tinned foods and use your drumsticks to see if the size and shape of the tin makes a difference to the noise! Be careful that you only used sealed bags/jars/tins and don't make any mess!


6. Balloons

Want to make a BIG noise? This is the answer. Blow up balloons then give them a quick pop! Did it make you jump? Also try blowing up the balloon and letting it go before you tie the end. Does it make the same sound as when the balloon popped?


7. Cardboard guitar

For this one you'll just need some elastic bands and an empty tissue box or cereal box. If you're using a cereal box, ask an adult to help you cut a hole in the middle.

Stretch the elastic bands around the box, then strum away! Decorate your box and use extra cardboard to create the neck of the guitar.


8. CD cymbals

Ask the adults in your house if they have any old CDs or DVDs that you can use to clash together as cymbals. Decorate with stickers, paint and glitter!


9. Record it

Now you have ways to make lots of noise, why not put on a performance? You could even ask an adult to help you by recording the music on their phone!


We hope you find these suggestions helpful and find lots of other creative ways to make your own music! Noisy Nick is certainly pleased by all the noise you'll be making!


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