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Little Stars in Letterland

Letterland Days have been looking a little different over the last two years but we’re always amazed by the creativity of teachers, and the enthusiasm of students, that shines through!

In October, Little Star Learning Centre in Indonesia held a virtual Letterland Day, and our Director of Training Lesley White was invited to join them.


Letterland Days are a great opportunity to have a little bit of fun and bring Letterland to life! A fantastic way to reward all the hard work that students have put in. Just because you may not be able to throw an in-person event doesn’t mean you can’t make it as fun and interactive as possible.

Around 45 students attended Little Star's event via Zoom and were all wearing their best Letterland costumes (a huge shout out to some extremely talented parents and guardians!) in preparation.


"The children all love Letterland, so they're very excited about dressing up as their chosen character. They love meeting Lesley, asking her some questions, they're really having fun doing a virtual Letterland Day."

Inda Ariestiya - Little Star Learning Centre


After some greetings from Lesley and the children, and singing the Letterland Theme song as a group, the students lived up to their learning centre’s name by putting on special performances as part of the festivities.

There were songs and stories, as well as some clever ideas to show off their character's abilities. A Jumping Jim jumped impressively high, and some Dippy Ducks showed off their dance moves!

Of course Lesley was there to answer questions and tell the children more about the Letterlanders they’ve grown to love!


"Peter Puppy looked practically perfect with paw prints over her costume while Red Robot was very dramatic in his realistic robot costume with his roller-skates."

Lesley White - Director of Training


Thanks for telling us all about your event Inda, and for inviting Lesley along! We’re sure you and your students have inspired the rest of our #LetterlandFamily to keep up the good work, even when we can’t all be together!


If you are looking to run a Letterland Day but aren’t sure how to make the switch from in-person to virtual, we can help! Check out our blog post for ideas on how to run a virtual Letterland Day for groups of all sizes; .

Don’t forget to send us pictures and tell us all about your Letterland celebrations at, we love to see them!


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