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Letterland Scavenger Hunt

Who doesn't love a scavenger hunt?! Running around, reading clues and trying to find hidden goodies... Sounds like a lot of fun to us.


If you're a parent, you may want to do a scavenger hunt as a fun weekend or a birthday activity. If you're doing this, it could be fun to add 'treasure' to the hunt, so that your little one gets to collect something after each clue. We think it'd be great fun to hide one of our Magnetic Letters for each clue, so that once you've finished your hunt, you've got the whole collection!

If you're a teacher, you may want to adapt our clue suggestions so they work for your classroom, or ask parents to help you arrange a scavenger hunt as part of a virtual Letterland Day! You could read out the clues to your class (via Skype, Zoom, Teams etc) then they could run off and come back once they've found the clues (that their parents have hidden earlier)!


The Clues

Every scavenger hunt needs clues! Write each clue on a separate piece of paper and hide them around the house - we'd suggest hiding them in alphabetical order, so that once you figure out Annie Apple's clue, you'll be given Bouncy Ben's clue, and so on.

Download our scavenger hunt cards, to get you started. You can either print out the scavenger hunt cards, and write your own clues on the back, or print out our suggested clues and glue them together! Alternatively, print them double sided.


Eating five a day should be our goal, you’ll find Annie Apple in the fruit bowl.

This is the place that you rest your head, you'll find Bouncy Ben under the bed.

As fast as you can, like a rocket. You’ll find Clever Cat in your coat pocket!


Be a detective, I wish you luck. In a desk drawer you’ll find Dippy Duck!

Eddy Elephant usually loves to stretch his legs, but today he’s hiding amongst all the eggs. You are finding clues and feeling bold, find Fred in the place that keeps food cold!


If you need the clue again, say ‘I beg your pardon?’. Now search for Golden Girl in the garden! Harry Hat Man likes hiding in this and that. Today you might find him inside a hat!

Impy Ink likes to be with friends. You’ll find him with your pencils and pens.

[colouring pen pot]


This next clue will be a joy. Look for Jumping Jim amongst your toys.

[toy box/play corner]

This clue is easy, an absolute breeze. You'll find Kicking King with all the keys. Almost there! You're shining bright. You can find lovely Lucy by a very bright light.



Munching Mike mostly likes to munch, He’s found mouth-watering treats that crunch.


Nick is often very noisy with nails, but he’s now weighing himself on the scales.

You’ll often find Oscar down at the docks, but today you should look for him on top of a clock.


Peter Puppy is perfectly snug, sitting patiently under a rug.

Are you looking for Quarrelsome Queen? She’s quietly sitting with all the greens!

[vegetable drawer]

Come on, keep doing your best! Look for Red Robot where you sit down and rest.



Sammy Snake likes to swim I think, you might find him swimming in the sink.

In this place you can clean and scrub, you'll find Talking Tess in the tub.

Look up, look down, look everywhere. Uppy Umbrella may be under a chair.


Roses are red, Violets are blue. You'll find Vickie Violet where you keep your shampoo!

Will you find Walter Walrus? I think you will. He’s just waiting for you on a window sill.

You may expect to find Max in a tool box, but today he’s hiding amongst all your socks!


Guess where you’ll find Yellow Yo-yo Man? Yell out when you find him inside a pan!

You’ve zoomed on through to the final clue, now find Zig Zag Zebra. She’s in your shoe!


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