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Letterland Comes to Life – Tweetsie

Ever wanted to see your most loved Letterland characters come to life? Well every year at Tweetsie Railroad in North Carolina, everyone from Annie Apple to Zig Zag Zebra gets together to learn and play!

Since 2007, Tweetsie’s Letterland Days have become increasingly popular, with the park hosting eight days of Letterland fun (with over 2000 visitors a day) in 2018.


Children from all over North Carolina (and even from Texas and Georgia) have the opportunity to engage directly with the Letterlanders they know and love. From visiting Eddy Elephant’s Gem Mine, taking a spin on Firefighter Fred’s Ferris Wheel, or learning all about Talking Tess’s Train, there's loads of fun stuff to do.


These fun occasions provide a brilliant motivation and reward for the children who have been working hard in their Letterland lessons throughout the school year and have seen an improvement in their standards of achievement as a result. Not to mention that it also gives teachers the chance to say hi to their most loved characters (and what's not to like about that)!

The Tweetsie Letterland Days are the perfect field trip for all little learners that are being taught phonics through storytelling – a brilliant approach to non-traditional teaching! These fun-filled days are a memorable experience for kids, parents and teachers alike, as literacy comes to life.


Check out this video to get a taste of what Tweetsie does every year.


Want to hear more? Check out our article on How Letterland Began, or find out about the evolution of Harry Hat Man.

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