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Letterland Alive! The Musical

We're BIG fans of any opportunity to bring Letterland to life for children, so we were super excited to collaborate with Flat Rock Playhouse (FRP) in North Carolina, US, when they asked if they could put on a Letterland musical for students all round Henderson County, NC.

The Henderson County Education Foundation provided funding for the performances and FRP worked incredibly hard to design a show that would be enjoyable for all!

Throughout September last year, FRP managed to squeeze in 13 performances and saw roughly 3000 children, from Kindergarten to Grade Two.

Photos: Patrick Sullivan, Times News


The musical was 40 minutes long and delved into the Letterlanders' stories using catchy songs, dances and movement to keep even the youngest members of their audience engaged. We're sure that this experience acted as both a motivation and reward for all the hard work that students have been doing in their Letterland lessons.

Photos: @HCPSNC, Twitter; @AtkinsonElem, Twitter


We managed to have a quick catch up with Lisa Bryant, the Producing Artistic Director at FRP:

Photo: @mrs_jfaustin, Twitter

"We absolutely loved this opportunity to partner with our local school system in service to many of our youngest citizens in the County. Our mission as the State Theatre of North Carolina is dual. Produce excellent professional theatre, and bring the arts to education in service to all students. Lyn [Wendon, Originator of Letterland] and her family provided us a dream come true by allowing us to marry our skills, trade, and passion to their own. Together we created a show that dazzled students, teachers, administrators, parents, and donors alike."


We absolutely loved what she had to say about the best parts of putting on the show!

"The cast truly became local celebrities during their tour as kids rushed to hug them at the end of every show, and even in numerous grocery-store sightings! But of course, the best part was that it was all in service to literacy, and offering Lyn's pedagogical tools with a song and dance presentation that truly captivated the students. Watching school after school do the action tricks in real time with the cast was so fun and satisfying for all parties."

Photo: Patrick Sullivan, Times News


Everyone at Letterland HQ was blown away by the incredible reactions to these engaging performances. It was clearly a very special experience for all the teachers and little learners who were lucky enough to be visited by FRP. We were told that Red Robot and Harry Hat Man were the biggest hits with the children, but all the teachers were absolutely loving Lucy Lamp Light's disco rhythms!

Check out what some of the schools had to say!


We can't thank FRP and the whole cast enough for putting on this production!


Got your own Letterland success story and want to let us know about it? Pop us an email at or get in touch via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.


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