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Introducing... Pocket Chart (Second Edition)

We were so happy to launch our very own Pocket Chart in 2020, finally a pocket chart that was designed to work with the Letterland flashcards! Now we’ve gone and made it even more perfect for your Letterland lessons.

This new version pocket chart has some added features to make it just that bit more useful for teachers.


What's new for the Second Edition?

1. An extra row of pockets

Sometimes, just sometimes, more is more. So, we’ve added another row of pockets onto the bottom of the chart. That’s four more pockets to fill with your flashcards.

2. Side Grommets

We wanted to give you an easy way to pull the chart tighter if you needed (and prevent sagging of pockets) and so we’ve added 2 new grommets to either side of the chart. You can leave them alone, or you can tie string or elastic bands and pull the chart tighter if you want to.

3. Compatibility

This pocket chart has always been compatible with our entire range but it's a feature we want to keep mentioning! The Letterland Pocket Chart is designed to fit ALL our flashcards, so you’ll never have to dig out that tape measure to double check before you order..

You can use any of these cards with the Pocket Chart:

Big Picture Code Cards

Vocabulary Cards

Picture Code Cards

G1, G2 & G3 Word Cards

G3 Word Study Cards

Find all these cards and the pocket chart on our website.


We’re so pleased with our new design for the pocket chart, and we hope you will be too. Any purchases of individual pocket charts or K-G3 packs, will have this new version from now on so let us know what you think!


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