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Introducing... My Phonics Home Kit

We're so excited to have launched My Phonics Home Kit.

We've selected the best mix of products to use at home with children aged 3+ and we're very pleased with the result. But we know it's not always straightforward to know whether something is right for your child, so we've written this guide.

Read on to find out everything about our handy carry case of Letterland goodies!

**My Phonics Home Kit is unavailable in North America.


The kit has been designed as the perfect entry to literacy for your child, with lots of fun products to help supplement and consolidate learning.

ABC Trilogy

Our classic and beloved ABC Trilogy is the best introduction to letter sounds and shapes, packed with fun stories and bright engaging illustrations. They go Far Beyond that too, covering 40 additional spelling patterns with memorable stories that make phonics facts easy to remember forever!

Magnetic Letters

Experiment with word building in a fun and accessible way with these small magnetic pictograms. Stick them on the fridge or any other smooth metallic surface and off you go! The set includes the Letterland alphabet plus long and plain vowels so even irregular words can be built correctly.

Wipe-Clean Alphabet Book

Practice letter shapes again and again with this wipe-clean book. Annie Apple, Bouncy Ben, Clever Cat and their friends are ready to help practice writing the alphabet with fun activities for each letter, and there's some handwriting practice for common words too!

Phonics Touch & Trace Flashcards

This set of textured cards features the lowercase Letterland alphabet. One side shows the pictogram, with a textured letter and guiding arrows to help practice letter formation. The other side is the plain letter shape. Great for finger-tracing and learning letter shapes at the same time as the letter sounds.

My First Phonics Flashcards

Two sets of cards in one! The First Reading Flashcards show the Letterland alphabet in both lowercase and uppercase; Letterlander on one side and plain letter on the other. Another set of 58 rhyming word flashcards, with some handy instructions mean there are plenty of games to play.

Phonics Activity Books 1-6

These sticker activity books work through the alphabet shapes and sounds, and then 40 other spelling patterns. Each book contains carefully sequenced word building and reading activities, reward stickers, puzzles and plenty of other fun activities too.

Flip Flap Phonics

This split page book is designed with two sets of flip over pages, so children can flip the pages over and over to create new words. Perfect to practice blending sounds to make words, and find rhyming patterns in real and nonsense words.

Who's Hiding?

A lively lift-the-flap book for little ones just starting out with the alphabet. Where are the Letterlanders hiding? Find each of the 26 Letterlanders in their own vibrant scenes with this fun and interactive book.

Phonics Online - Free Trial

Every kit comes with a trial of Phonics Online, our web-based software subscription. Access over 500 animations, songs, games and stories to help bring literacy to life and consolidate that learning!

Alphabet Frieze

An alphabet of Letterlanders all-in-one poster. This fairly large frieze comes in seven sections and can be spaced around a room, or stuck together as one big poster. A great visual aid for learning the Aa-Zz pairs and the letter sounds.

Learn to Read and Write - A Parent's Guide

Of course there's a guide for parents too! Giving some tips and tricks on how to best support your child in their learning journey, it also includes access to a bank of free downloads.

Letterland Stickers - Taster Pack

Oh, and let's not forget stickers - because everyone loves stickers! Try spelling your child's name on the box with our Alphabet Stickers, or make sure they know they've done a good job with our Merit Stickers.


And there you have it, our top picks for the perfect introduction to phonics, all available in one pack. If it sounds exactly what you need, you can pick one up now via our website.

If you have any more questions about the products, don't hesitate to contact us at

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