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Educational Tools Apps - What's New?

Our educational tools apps have been around for a little while now, so we’ve been working hard on a complete revamp!

We designed these three apps for learning and consolidating knowledge of letter shapes and sounds with parent/guardian or teacher supervision, and we're so excited to be releasing big updates for all of them.

Read on to find out more about the apps, and what's new in this update.


Letterland Word Builder

We created this app to help with learning and consolidating knowledge of letter sounds as well as improving blending and segmenting skills.

You can listen to the alphabet sounds and the sounds of more complex spelling patterns, dragging them together to build words.

What’s new?

We’ve fixed some issues with the reliability of the sound, so your app should be running smoother than ever, and we’ve restructured the content to make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

Updates to the responsiveness of the app mean it now resizes correctly on the latest devices too.


Letterland Quick Dash

You can use this app for letter sounds practice, with over 75 interactive cards to help consolidate knowledge.

There are key words for each spelling pattern, and you can toggle the characters on and off to help with associating the correct sound to plain letter shapes.

What’s new?

We’ve reworked the look of the entire app! The new design is cleaner, crisper, and much easier to use. We’ve also added an additional teaching order, so you can now view the cards in 'satpin' order, as well as the Letterland teaching order, with ease.

It’s faster, cleaner, and we've fixed some sound issues that were affecting a small number of users.


Letterland Rainbow Writing

We designed this app to aid in learning letter shape formation. You can trace both uppercase and lowercase letter shapes in a rainbow of colours, using the numbered arrows as a guide.

Ideal for consolidating knowledge of correct letter formation for the whole alphabet and learning to recognise the letter shapes.

What’s new?

The app has a completely new user interface with updated transparency levels, meaning you can now view the pictograms even after you've traced over them!

We've also added more tool options, so you can choose the size of the pen you want to trace with.


All three apps are available now on Android and iOS mobile devices.


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