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Easy & Quick Phonics Games to Play at Home!

We're big believers that phonics can be FUN - in the classroom or at home! If you're a parent who wants your little learner to practice their phonics at home (without giving them extra homework) try these fun, easy and quick games.


Letterlander Races

This one may require you to move your kitchen table out the way...

Put magnetic letters (find your Letterland ones here) in a bowl on the other side of your kitchen to the fridge (or in the other room if you really want to tire out your little learner).

Start by asking, for example, 'What sounds does Annie Apple make?' and get your child to shout out the sound, then find 'a' as quickly as possible from the bowl, run across the room, and stick it to the fridge.

Move on by simply calling out each sound (without mentioning the Letterlander), and letting your child find the right magnet. Make the game harder by calling out words for your child to make, or even just calling out 'Make a word beginning 'c'!'.

The 'race' to the fridge will keep your little learner interested in this educational game!


Phonics Bingo

This one is super simple and also works well if you have more than one child.

First, create a grid on a piece of paper, and write down various letters/spelling patterns (dependent on what level of phonics is suitable for your child).

Next, take out a pack of flashcards (try the First Reading Flashcards for just Aa-Zz or our Letter Sound Cards for a-z, digraphs and trigraphs) and mix them up.

Pull out a card at random and say the letter/spelling sound out loud - if your child has the correct sound written down, they can cross it off. Once they've crossed off everything, get them to shout 'BINGO!'.

Some sounds have more than one spelling (e.g. 'c' and 'k' or 'y' and 'ie') so your little learners will get double points if they have both!

This game will help your child make the connection between letter sounds and shapes in a quick and enjoyable way. A super simple way to practice phonics for a few minutes every day!


Guess Who? Letterland Edition!

This game can be done at home, in the car, on the walk to school - anywhere!

Begin by letting your child be the 'guesser'. Say to them, for example, “I live near a farm and a forest and I like to go fishing every Friday at five o’clock. Who am I?”.

Wait for your child to answer "Firefighter Fred!" then list even more alliterative words together for as long as you can. Take it further by making up your own story with as many 'f' words as possible.

Move on by switching roles, so that your child makes you guess which Letterlander they are talking about.

This provides a great opportunity for some phonics fun that will help your child improve their speaking and listening skills.


Thanks for reading! Want to know more about helping your little learners on their road to literacy? Check out our blog posts on rhyming skills, handwriting practice, making words, and learning alphabet sounds and shapes.


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