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COVID-19 Update - Phonics Online 30 Day Free Trial

Our web-based software, Phonics Online, is a great resource for distance learning. Once students have an account, they will have access to all the Letterland animations, songs and readers at home. Teachers have their own accounts where they can manage their students remotely.

We have made it possible for all Letterland school customers to set up their teachers and students with a free 30 day trial for Phonics Online. If you think this would be a useful resource for your classroom, school or district, sign up now for the trial.

We encourage ALL Letterland school customers to contact us about setting up Phonics Online. Once we have set up your school, teachers can add all their students and share login information with parents. This will allow all your students full access to Phonics Online at home.

The rest of this blog post will provide some more information on the Letterland Phonics Online. You can also find more information about Phonics Online features on our website.


How to set up

If you are a school administrator who needs to set up your school account, please head over to our Phonics Online landing page and 'Request Access'. Once you have provided the necessary information, someone from Letterland HQ will create your account.


How to manage your account

We have a Phonics Online knowledge base that provides all the information you will need on managing your account. Essentially, school administrators set up 'Teacher' accounts, and a 'Group' (classroom) for each teacher.

Once the teacher accounts are set up, teachers will be able to login to They can then add all of their students to their 'Group'.

Once students are added, they will have access to Teachers are able to share the login details so that parents can access Phonics Online from home.


How to Download Child Login Details for Your School/Classroom

The easiest way to share the login details for all the children in your school/classroom is to download all the information in one pdf document and distribute this information to parents, so they can log the children in at home.

Find out how by watching our video.


How to Login as a Child

If you are encouraging parents to access Phonics Online from home, it may be useful to share this video link with parents.


How to Find Your Group or School Landing Page

We encourage you to save your Group Landing Page as a bookmark on your children's devices, in order to make the logging in process more simple for them. Learn how to find this page URL in our video guide.


If you have any questions, please contact to speak to customer service.

To stay updated on all of our resources we will be providing during school closures, please follow us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, or sign up to our mailing list.


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