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Classroom of the Month - Mrs Puryear's Kindergarten Class

Clever Cat is back at it again with another Classroom of the Month Award! We can't believe how many amazing teachers she's found over the past few months.

This month we are so pleased to announce that our winner is... Jessica Puryear's Kindergarten class from Bryan Road Elementary School in North Carolina, United States! Congratulations!

We keep up with Mrs Puryear's class on Twitter, so go check out what her kinders have been up to.


"We have daily Letterland time where the kids fly to Letterland on the carpet. We use the interactive software to bring the characters to life. We sing the songs and learn the actions tricks together. We also do a sound flash and try to get faster and faster with our sounds. The kids love the characters and connect to them easily. We draw the characters with picture encoding. The kids LOVE the Letterland app on the iPad where they can do mazes, hear stories, match characters, and listen to the songs over and over again. They often chose to do the app during indoor recess time when the weather won't let us play outside. Overall, Letterland brings phonics into a world that children connect with to help them engage in the steps of learning to read and write."

- Jessica Puryear


Mrs Puryear (and the rest of the amazing teachers at Bryan Road Elementary School) caught our eye this year after putting on an incredible Letterland parade. All students AND teachers were wearing costumes, and it was clear that everyone had spent time making sure they looked like their chosen Letterlander. Mrs Puryear told us that they do a parade every year, and we're sure it's always a very special day for everyone involved.


In our opinion, the BEST bit about sharing our Classroom of the Month, is hearing all the great ideas from teachers around the world. Mrs Puryear had an idea that we absolutely LOVED, and wanted to share with you all.

On the day of her school's Letterland parade, she got each of her class to do their Letterlander's action trick and made a short clip (a boomerang, actually), then shared them on Twitter (with parental permission, of course) for parents and teachers to see.

We've made a compilation of all Mrs Puryear's little Letterlanders - check them out!


We want to say a huge thank you to Mrs Puryear and the rest of the wonderful teachers at Bryan Road Elementary School for doing such a brilliant job at teaching Letterland!


Think that you could be Letterland's next Classroom of the Month? Pop us an email at letting us know why, or get in touch via Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.


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