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Classroom of the Month - ABCland Club

Woohoo, Letterland's Classroom of the Month is back with some more AMAZING teachers. We can't wait to tell you all about them.

So, drumroll please, our winner is... ABCland Club from Voronezh, Russia! Congratulations to the two brilliant teachers, Olga Lavrena and Mary Bozhilko, who run this learning centre!

ABCland opened two years ago, and have been using Letterland to teach children aged 3-9 years old English as a second language ever since.


"We are delighted to be able to teach our students with Letterland. They love reading and speaking English. Moreover, Letterland is not only child-friendly, but also dyslexia-friendly. We have some students with learning difficulties and they feel so successful because of Letterland... One of the most valuable advantages of learning with Letterland is that children want to learn. They develop a desire to learn something new in each lesson and we help them with this!"

- Olga Lavrena, Owner and Teacher at ABCland Club


Each lesson, Olga and Mary introduce their classes to new Letterlanders in a creative and exciting way that captures everyone's attention. For example, after they have discussed that Yellow Yo-yo Man absolutely loves yoghurt, they might create their own origami yachts or even do some yoga! When learning about Lucy Lamp Light, everyone must draw lines and create letters out of Lego.

Mary and Olga told us they have found they can't even send their little learners home at the end of the lessons because they are so desperate to learn about each uppercase and lowercase letters!

"Children often ask: 'And what will we do when we get to know all of the Letterlanders? Is that all?'. We tell them, 'No, that's when the fun begins. We will read and write words!'".


Mary and Olga told us they make use of all the activities that Letterland offers, particularly enjoying using readers and the Feed On Phonics activity sheets to introduce their little learners to new Letterlanders each week.

They also LOVE playing games (board games, dominoes, twister, Jenga, Letterlander 'Who's who?' - you name it, they play it) and told us that they even do a Letterland scavenger hunt both around their classroom and in the local park near their school!

Sounds like they have heaps of fun. No wonder their students don't want to leave at the end of the day!


A huge thank you to Mary and Olga for doing such a brilliant job at teaching Letterland - we are so impressed by your enthusiasm and creativity!


Think you could be our next Classroom of the Month? Pop us an email to or get in touch via Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for more information.


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