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Cards Tool - Save Time with Phonics Online

Our web-based software, Phonics Online, is a fantastic resource for Letterland learning, whether you're in the classroom, teaching remotely, or a mix of both.

The best part is we're constantly updating Phonics Online so we can continue to help teachers teach and students learn, in the best possible way. The Cards Tool is just one of those exciting new updates we are eager to tell you all about.

Get ready for a revolution in how you teach Letterland and read on to find out more about a feature we're delighted to add!


Quick Dash

The cards tool is an absolute must for teaching Letterland virtually. You can use the

Quick Dash tab to do - well - a Quick Dash with your students with ease.

No messing around with flashcards and

document cameras here! The ability to toggle between the pictograms and plain black letters mean it's also perfect for a Sounds Race and Guess Who.

In fact it can be used in any way you like, with cards available for all the Letterland pictograms.

Word Builder

The Word Builder feature will allow you to practice blending and segmenting with your students straight from your device. Just select the spelling patterns you want to build words with and hit play. You can hear the sounds of each card as you place them in the word, and once it's built, just hit the blend tab and hear what the word sounds like. Easy!


Saved Orders

It's not just for virtual teaching though. There are benefits to using the Phonics Online Cards Tool in the classroom too.

We know how valuable teachers' time is, and so we've added built-in lesson templates for both Quick Dash and Word Builder. Click on your desired unit and the cards tool is pre-filled for you. Pretty useful right?!

Oh, and you can even save your own custom orders to your account, to pull out whenever you need them. Learn more here.


Looking for more software tips and tricks? You can click the button below to see all our Phonics Online blog posts!


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