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A New Kind of Letterland Parade

Letterland Days and parades are such an important part of teaching Letterland, and we are so excited to see more and more schools finding safe ways to bring Letterland to life for their students.

We thought we'd share with you some of the brilliant photos from super fun & safe Letterland events that we've seen so far this year.

If you're looking for tips on planning a virtual Letterland Day, check out this blog post.


Social distancing & masks

It's so exciting to see students back in their school corridors once again. Schools around the world have been working really hard to allow students to safely attend their Letterland events. If you're planning a socially distanced event, make sure all parents, students and teachers are aware of the procedures in place, and that you follow your school/district's safety guidelines.


"We love Letterland day and seeing how much the children enjoy dressing up as their favourite letter. Our children love the whole experience of learning to read with Letterland. This year, we wore masks and stayed socially distanced but still had our parade. It was lots of fun!"

- Ms Vanwyk-Inglis, Northwest Christian School, Johannesburg, South Africa


Here's what some brilliant schools had to say about keeping their students safe during their Letterland parades:

"We typically have the parade inside, but moved it outside. We allowed parents to be spaced out in the front of our school and then had the "older grades" spaced out around the sides and back of our building. The parade basically went around the entire building and that way we had enough room to space everyone out. Of course, we also wore masks and followed any district procedures!"

- Lone Star Elementary School, Fort Worth, Texas


"Our children and teachers dressed in character. All of our students and teachers wore masks and socially distanced. They paraded around the school by each classroom door. The older children clapped for them, and teachers took photos. The children had a list of the Letterlanders and marked off the letter as they found the characters in the school. It was a great day! One of our Kindergarten classes was under quarantine so we held a special rescheduled event for that school a week later."

- Mrs Catoe, Director for Elementary Education, Kershaw County Schools, US


Drive through

We LOVE this idea if you don't feel like it's safe to have your children back in school, but want to do a Letterland parade. Simply ask them all to dress up, as per usual (make sure to point out our step-by-step dress up craft guides) then have parents/carers drive them down to the school to wave at all their amazing teachers and show off their costumes!

It'll work even better if all teachers get involved and dress up too!


Here's what one of the creative teachers at Baucom Elementary School had to say about their drive-through Letterland parade:

"We had a carpool Letterland parade- all the parents of Kinders were notified ahead of time about date and time. Children chose their favorite Letterland character. We had the Letterland song playing and all of the Kindergarten teachers and assistants dressed up and socially distanced around the carpool loop to cheer them on. When the child got to their teacher they stopped for a socially distanced selfie. It was good fun!"

- Mrs Noland, Kindergarten Teacher, Baucom Elementary School, North Carolina, US


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