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A Letterland Holiday Gift Guide

It’s holiday season and that means gifts! There’s always an opportunity to slip in a little something to help your little ones learn, even if they don’t realise it.

We thought we’d share our choice of Letterland products for supporting phonics and literacy, while keeping it light and fun for the festive period.

Take a look and some of our top picks


Perfect for Beginners

Phonics Touch & Trace, or Phonics Touch & Trace Flashcards, are the perfect start for any reading journey.

Soft textured letters give a little more tactile experience as children work their way through the alphabet learning about the shapes and sounds of each letter.


Something more Interactive

Interactive Handwriting is a great choice for little ones who like their learning to be a bit more digitally enhanced!

On its own you have a great handwriting activity book, or wipe-clean set of flashcards, but when you use the free app to scan the pages or cards you have videos and songs to help learn the letter formation, and some games as well!


A Timeless Classic

Why mess with a true classic? Our ABC book is still a firm favourite for little ones across the globe. If you want to take it a bit further, we have the sequels Beyond ABC and Far Beyond ABC to introduce some more advanced concepts. They all have bright imagery, memorable stories and a scan-to-listen feature so the books can be read aloud to you!


Something to Progress With

Want to choose something that will cover some more educational ground?

Phonics Activity Books 1-6 are fun sticker books that span the beginnings of learning the alphabet, to the more complex digraphs and spelling patterns


For Avid Bookworms

My Alphabet Storybooks are a great set of 26 books that introduce all the Letterlanders in their own fun stories.

There are different ways to read too, with simple sentences for beginner readers and longer paragraphs for the more experienced. You can also access the audio files for free, so the stories can be read out loud!


An all-rounder

If you’re looking for the perfect pack of products to support your child’s literacy journey at home, then the My Phonics Home Kit is the ultimate choice.

Our top picks for at home resources, all housed in bright carry case, what more could you want! You can find out exactly what’s in the kit here.

*This pack isn’t currently available in North America, but all the individual items can be purchased together with the same discount using code PHONICSHOMEKIT


You can find all of our recommendations in the holiday collection on our online shop. Find them here if you are in the US, otherwise you can find them here.

We hope you’ve found something that meets your needs amongst these picks, but we have PLENTY more if you want something a bit different. Just check out our shop for the perfect products to use at home.

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