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12 Days of Letterland Christmas

Merry Christmas from everyone at Letterland! We all love Christmas a lot (although Clever Cat loves it the most) so we decided it would only be right to do our very own #12DaysOfLetterland. From the 1st of December, we released a fun festive freebie every day until the 12th. We absolutely loved seeing some of your responses, so we thought we’d do a little recap of what we’ve been up to.


Day One: Greetings Card

Everyone loves getting Christmas cards in the post, so we decided to make our very own Letterland greetings card available in both full colour, and black and white for colouring!

Day Two: Colour it in!

Time to pick up the colouring pencils. On the 2nd day of #12DaysOfLetterland, we released a festive scene including some of our most loved Letterlanders, like Clever Cat and Talking Tess.


Day Three: Paper Chains

We’re loving seeing all your trees decorated with the Letterland paper chains!

Day Four: Maze

Time for everyone to help Impy Ink make his way through the icy maze.

Day Five: Story Time!

Talking and thinking about a story together is valuable, so for day five we made available a free story about the Letterlanders having fun in the snow.


Day Six: Santa Hat Brownies

Super delicious and very cute… These festive treats are the perfect Christmas activity for little Letterland fans to make with some adult help.

Day Seven: Wordsearch

Created by our very own naughty walrus, this wonderful wordsearch is a festive and fun way to keep any Walter Walrus fans occupied while their parents wrapped presents.

Day Eight: Printed Gift Tags

Time to do some arts and crafts! These little gift tags will look perfect on presents for your friends and family.


Day Nine: Melted Snowman Cookies

We’re sure everyone has enjoyed making these marvellous melted snowman cookies, using one of Munching Mike's favourite ingredients - marshmallows!

Day Ten: Look and Find!

This festive feast scene is the perfect activity for anyone who loves all the Letterlanders – look for items and tick them off as they’re found!


Day Eleven: Handprint Christmas Trees

Wow, we love how creative you all are! These handmade Christmas decorations are a fun and festive activity to do, using only your hands (and potentially a few colouring pens).

Day Twelve: Story Time!

And on the twelfth day of Christmas, Letterland gave to me... Another story! And this time in the Letterland castle, where Vicky Violet has a very important delivery to make.


We hope everyone has enjoyed our festive activities and goodies – we have certainly enjoyed seeing you use them. Now time for us all at Letterland to have a couple of mince pies!


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